Postprocessing tool for marine engines

This software has been specifically designed for a customer that produces high performance engines for yachting, military and competition boats. Starting from the data collected on the boat such as pressure, temperature, engine rpm and many other data, the system draws power curves, consumption curves and other information in order to monitor the state of the engine and to optimize 'use of the engine itself (maybe assessed in different conditions of use type with different propellers etc ..).

SOFTWARE          Some of our projects....

Receivables management system built by postal payment with control flows and unsolved

This software manages the subscriber list with the various users and types of products purchased by each. The system automatically generates the flow of payments to be transferred to the Italian Post Office for the issuance and delivery of payment slips to customers. Then on the basis of periodic reports back from the system will be placed in reverse payments pending or generates reminders to users with overdue payments. Also this software is designed and developed together with the client; this to get quickly to provide the customer with one simple tools, intuitive and efficient

Management system with maintenance schedule, reminder email/SMS and sending data for billing

Reminder is software for management of maintenance that helps our customers in planning maintenaince services. Through email and SMS that anticipate the various works, the maintenance staff is updated on daily tasks. After completing his work maintainer is asked (always through periodic emails) to close tabs intervention. The data will then be available for management that will handle the billing.


Data collection for the control and production planning

MP2 is the software that we started developing about 10 years ago and has been gradually perfected. The software allows the production data collection with direct connections to the PLC of the machines installed in the production department (via ethernet, MPI, Profibus or RS485). Production manager has on their PC a synoptic which displays all the important information of each machine (process data, downtime with their grounds, daily productivity, the tail of the subsequent processing and many other data).Through a production planning, organizes and sorts the orders on the various machines. In this way the operator of a single machine will have the information of productions that will be below and can prepare materials and equipment to speed up the change of product.


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