Touch screen automatic shower- Automatic tap


The system includes an electronic board  that controls water flow and temperature using stepper motors; The electronic board is also programmed to handle, depending on the user's preferences, the sequence of activation of the hydraulic valves of the Jacuzzi. The user through the use of a color display 7 "touch screen controls scenarios hydraulic and color therapy for a unique and relaxing experience...


ELETTRONICS Some of our projects....

Infrared barriers for reading presence/size of  pieces

We produce  for years now infrared barriers for identification and measurement units. Our barriers are used both to recognize the presence of the piece conveyor belt  and  to provide to the automatic systems more complex  information about the size of the pieces for the further processes; such as, for example, in the field of industrial painting where the step of the sensors is up to 10mm and the total height of the barriers is up to 4m.

Ultrasonic sieve for filtering powder coating

USF is our powder filtering system that puts powders in high-frequency vibration of the metal nets with different mesh (from 100my up to 200my). The vibration suitably modulated via software allows the user to filter flours and dusts with a high degree of agglomeration and humidity too. The system is equipped with digital inputs and outputs of command and control and with an ethernet port TCP / IP or RS485 with Modbus protocol to communicate with external devices (PLC or PC).


Control Industrial keyboards & displays


We have developed, especially in the last 5 years, different industrial keyboards and control unit with display (color or simply digits) for different applications. The keyboards we design utilize the classical membrane systems with integrated button, membrane key on the printed circuit board with the option to illuminate independently each button; but a product that is very popular is the glass capacitive keyboard. For this, please visit the related page.

Medical scale Bluetooth

Giotto is the system for uroflowmeter developed for a major company operating in the medical sector. Thanks to a precise weighing system, the system is able to measure Qura (voided urinary flow), Vura (Volume emptied) and send the data via bluetooth to your PC or Tablet for analysis. The system has a rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 12 hours and is equipped with an internal memory for storing up to 3 hours of continuous tests with data download retrospectively. The user-friendly application developed on Android allows easy management of the examinations of patients with printing / exporting reports in pdf.

PCI Express board with 2 gates RS485 and 2 gates RS232

We design and produce on request personalized boards on PCI Express. This affordable product allows simultaneous communication of 4 different serial ports. Two doors adopt the standard 2-wire RS485 while the other two take the standard RS232. This board allows the use of serial on modern PCs with PCI Express bus and avoids the use of converters USB / 485 and USB / 232 which are normally much slower. The card is suitable for both operating systems Windows 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / Win 8 / 8.1 Win 32/64-bit, Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0, Linux 2.6 and above.

Miniplc for economical applications and standard equipments


Each automatic machine today is managed by a microcontroller. Normally are used  generic PLC that have high flexibility as well as considerable costs. Our customized miniplcs permit to cut costs considerably offering tailor made systems and economical  for batched of even ten pieces per year. The development time of the system are very fast and are extremely numerous customizations possible (number and type of inputs and outputs, type of communication to be used, the range of power supplies etc.). Please give us a try by sending specifications for miniplc that may be right for your ...

Accelerometric system for Fast Fourier transform analysis for failure prevention


The system can be equipped with an accelerometer mono, bi or tri axial for the acquisition of the accelerations on various mechanical components. The board can be configured to filter range of different frequencies depending on the field of application. Combined with other systems is possible performing  frequency analysis and obtain the frequency spectrum. In this way, the analysis of the stems from the fundamental frequencies can indicate forfhcoming failures. This simple system recommends the replacement of expensive and complicated mechanical components only when necessary and with a reasonable time in advance for an  easy maintenance scheduling.