Alcune delle nostre realizzazioni........

Powder coating system
From the beginning BLU Technology has always been dedicated to the design and development of hardware devices and software applications for systems of powder coating. We are able to provide our customers with the experience, the most suitable electronic material and skills development software on PC and PLC for painting plants. Our knowledge start from single trolley painting manual until you get to complete systems of reciprocators, automatic recognition of parts, automatic cleaning cycles, loading pumps new powder or disposal exhausted powder, dust filtration systems using ultrasound. In this field we specialize in the management part of the spray gun (ionization cascade through electrostatic dust, vacuum, dust and fluid transport through proportional pneumatic valves that we manage with our electronic boards).

AUTOMATION - Some of our projects...

Monitoring system width and thickness of a cold rolling mill with laser

Thanks to the differential reading of two laser devices specially selected, the system provides real-time measurement of the thickness of the metal laminate. The PLC (in this case  Wago 750) communicates with the PLC overall machine to adjust the pressure of the rollers in a closed loop. Simultaneously, the PLC proceeds with saving the production data to provide, at the end of the coil, the values of average thickness, minimum value, maximum value, deviation and thickness trend across the coil. This will allow you to make all the necessary assessments for quality control in an intermediate step of production and therefore the final product.


Development DLL libraries to control magnetic axes with RS485 communication, management phases and methods of operation

In this project the customer has commissioned the development of a library DLL to control the drives for linear magnetic axes. The library allows it to our customer to develop only the part of high-level automation, leaving the task to the DLL to communicate with the drive using the RS485 protocol system owner LinMot, to reset the axis, select all modes of operation of the axis (position, copy, tracking a value analocigo outside etc.) and switch, for each mode, the data necessary for control. With easy integration in Labview the customer is then able to control the linear axes without worrying about the lower part of the implementation.

Recognition system pieces with camera

Over the years, we have developed and installed systems for recognition pieces and identifications of defects with the use of cameras. In most cases the systems were required to compare the images of the products with sampled images in order  to recognize and loaded into the PLC data details of the process. We have also developed quality control systems that were going to recognize defects such as holes in sheets / laminates or defects of cold; at the end of the identification system defects decided whether to discard the product or let it continue in the production chain.

Test bench acquisition data to test components of high performance marine engines

The combination of electronics, industrial automation and software goes well in this application. In this system, the PLC collects information from numerous pressure sensors, temperature sensors, pulse counters, inductive sensors away; all these quantities are used to test new components of marine engines for boats high performance. The elements tested are usually cooling water pumps, oil pumps that are put in rotation, instead of from the engine, by an electric motor controlled in closed loop always from the PLC. The system also serves as a logger exporting data directly into Excel spreadsheets from which you can then make the appropriate considerations. In a similar application has also been used to manage a brushless motor, always in closed loop, the pressure of the exhaust gas and evaluate the behavior of the entire heat engine diesel.

Management measurement campaigns coke ovens with portable terminals, data download and analysis
Termosample is a software developed specifically for an important Ligurian Coke Oven. The system allows to set and to perform measurement campaigns temperature for cooking ovens. The tools available to operators have the software on the PC in which the operator defines the paths to execute. Then the manager transfers such paths on a portable terminal industrial Honeywell (with Windows Mobile or Windows CE). The pirometristi with portable terminal and pyrometer bluetooth going to make the measurements and, at the end, they return to the office and download the data of the campaigns carried out. The PC software then prepares and prints reports with tables and temperature curves and stores all for quality control and subsequent comparisons. An integrated system but much fluid that greatly simplifies the work of pirometristi and quality managers.